Reflection Institute’s mission is PAUSING. ON. PURPOSE. We strive to create meaningful experiences that are comprised of fun and impactful learning opportunities. As the co-founders, we both have a passion for learning, a strong background in leadership development, project management, photography, and anthropology. Our goal is to empower people to become more self-aware. Our business is about creating individual paths of learning by designing fun, sensory-based experiences using coaching concepts, reflection exercises, and meaningful interactions all centered around PAUSING. ON. PURPOSE.

Through the Reflection Institute, we will explore various aspects of life: self, family, work, and community. We want to live our best lives and help others P.O.P. so that they too can find more meaning in everyday life. One of our favorite mantras is: “It becomes bigger than you by focusing on you!”

To achieve our goal, we will focus on one theme at a time and blog about our journey, learnings, and stories around that theme. Our current theme is Foodfillment! The theme takes shape in our online entries where we will explore the human relationship with food. We plan to write about everything from sampling food at the newest restaurant hot spots to finding pleasure and peace in the simple art of preparing a Sunday meal for the family — our form of mindfulness! Our theme will conclude with a Foodfillment retreat where we will bring together a group of like-minded foodies for a fun food-filled weekend that will provide some meaningful lessons on how you too can PAUSE. ON. PURPOSE. We’re happy to announce our inaugural P.O.P. retreat will take place on Saturday, April 4, 2020. Mark your calendars and go to our Retreat page to learn more!

Jenny bouchier-hayes, co-founder

The Serious Stuff….

Jenny is the business and project management force behind the business; she has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology, a Master’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Project Management. Jenny is a 16-year higher education veteran with over eight years of experience working in the corporate learning and development space for DeVry University. Her role at DeVry involved consulting on and project managing the implementation of tailored learning solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Jenny has seven years of direct sales leadership experience and over eight years’ experience influencing and indirectly managing cross-functional teams. She currently works as an independent consultant for Harvard Business Publishing, her role as a Program Manager involves responsibility for the implementation of blended learning solutions for corporate clients.

The Good Stuff…

Jenny is a wife and mom of two, Kyle and Faye. She loves to cook for her family and makes it her mission to source food that is local, organic, or home-grown for her table (she orders her meat directly from the farm)! She loves wandering farmers markets and getting to know the vendors, and last year she and her husband built a fairly sizable (for an urban home) vegetable garden that has become her zen space. Jenny loves to work-out and feels a good walk is the basis of a good day. She and Lisa have essentially planned this entire Reflection Institute concept while ‘out walking’! Jenny LOVES to host, and if there were more hours in the day, she would cook and have friends over weekly (though she may also want to hire some staff to help with prep and clean-up of her dream scenario)! 

  • Favorite Food: Curry or Crepes! 

  • Favorite Indulgence: A red velvet cupcake with a large latte

  • Favorite Foodie Book: I can’t pick just one! The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan (serious!) or The Table by Adam Gopnik (serious!) or My Life from Scratch by Gesine Bullock-Prado (for fun!)

  • Favorite Foodie Movie: Tortilla Soup

  • Favorite Foodie Quote: FOOD is the ingredient that binds us TOGETHER

  • Food Goal: To find true balance where I am happy in my body but able to enjoy food indulgences. I am getting there but haven’t quite arrived!

Lisa KjellstRÖm, co-founder

The Serious Stuff….

Lisa is the creative force behind our business; she has a Bachelor of Arts in French and a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication from Ohio University. She also holds a Master’s in Humanities with a sub-specialty in Anthropology from the University of Chicago and is a professionally trained, award-winning photographer. Lisa has 10+ years of experience working with a small, but mighty executive leadership development firm that engages at the C-Suite level of Global 1000 companies to put together strategic solutions to today’s leadership challenges. Lisa has traveled the world implementing leadership development programs and has earned praise for several of her very own workshops where she captures a leader’s legacy or a team’s spirit via unique visual processes. Like Jenny, Lisa is also an independent leadership consultant for Harvard Business Publishing.

The Good Stuff…

Lisa is a traveler, learner, writer, reader, friend, sister, daughter, auntie, wife and much more! Some of her favorite roles are… Sister and best friend to Jenny, who Lisa sees as someone she gets to walk through this life alongside. The two can often be spotted planning the next crazy project over a good meal and a glass (or two) of vino. Wife to her Swedish hubby, Henrik, who plans grand travel adventures for the couple; Lisa is always happiest wandering the world with his hand in hers. Auntie to four whacky little fabulous kiddos who keep her continually learning and laughing. Lisa is also really enjoying her newfound role, that of “Michigander” since she and her Swede moved to Michigan in December 2017. She can often be spotted picking up fresh produce the farmer’s markets, sampling the fare at local chef-owned foodie restaurants, and enjoying the community sensibility that’s founded on good food and good fun.

  • Favorite Food: Whiskey-infused Swedish meatballs from the Grand Hotel’s Gambrinus Bistro in Lund, Sweden

  • Favorite Indulgence: I love a good charcuterie & cheese board with a delicious glass of red wine (bonus if said board includes Trader Joe’s truffle marcona almonds…!)

  • Favorite Foodie Book: Lunch in Paris; A Love Story with Recipes by Elizabeth Bard

  • Favorite Foodie Movie: Eat, Pray, Love too cliché a response? That or the Hundred-Foot Journey

  • Favorite Foodie Quote: “One cannot think well, love well, or sleep well if one has not dined well” — Virginia Woolf

  • Food Goal: To continue to perfect my sense of harmony with food. I often adopt an “all or nothing” mindset when it comes to eating well. My goal is to gradually shift to more contented moderation as a default, rather than a conscious effort.