Actively Engaged!

I've recently embraced a world that I completely, totally, utterly, wholeheartedly, and depths of soul defiantly stated I would never embrace. It’s been a hard transition process for me. I’m still talking myself slowly but surely through the unexpected transformation! The change came quickly and without warning. I told myself my entire life that I would stay strong and true to who I am, and yet somehow, I changed. Overnight. Or I suppose, more accurately, I changed after one visit to Kohls. I unwittingly became an "activewear” girl…!

I tried to resist the urges for many years. I'd limit my workout gear to times where I actually planned to go to the gym or out for a walk or cycle or some other such physical activity. I promised that I wouldn’t cave. I’d stay strong and keep activewear where it belonged - strenuous exercise scenarios only. I never expected this to change because at 34, I’d been able to last this long. I thought my proclivity to choose daily wear such as jeans, dresses, shorts and the like was a habit, nay, a way of life at this point. So deeply entrenched in my being that I didn’t even have to monitor it on my “reflection radar” anymore as something that could potentially crop up as a problem. And then, about 2 months ago, that fateful Kohls visit occurred. I was just looking to spruce up my activewear. I thought “sure I could use a new workout top or two and I even have all this Kohls cash to use!” Eight tops, 5 pairs of yoga leggings, a new “positive vibes” work out baseball cap, and a pair of neon multi-colored runners later, I was done for. The first morning I donned the first of the many new activewear outfits, I felt the shift happen. It was like it all just clicked into place. This was the clothing I was born to wear!! It. Just. Felt. So. Comfortable. I was hooked. Over the next week, I added a few more stretchy tops and pairs of spandex leggings to the arsenal and in the space of a week, I had a whole new closet. And it was ALL activewear. 

I know many of us struggle with this affliction. There have been countless parody videos about active-wearers, there are a zillion mommy bloggers poking fun at the phenomenon, and yes, there are scores of women the world over that have embraced the workout wear lifestyle. And now, ladies, I too see the light. It’s amazing. So easy to get dressed in the morning. And then not only do you feel comfortable and ready to take on the day, but you also carry with you an extra pep cushioned-runner step each and every day!

In all seriousness, as much as I poke fun at this change, I have to say I have noticed some unintended positive consequences from my recent shift in attire. 

  • I am always ready to work out! As obvious as that seems, it means that as someone who works from home, I can always find time to sneak out for a walk and I’m finding that being “dressed for the occasion” means I actually do more walking day-to-day. I’ve been averaging well above 10,000 steps each and every day since taking on my new wardrobe!
  • I feel comfortable. And this, in turn, leads me to stretch more throughout the day, take advantage of my sit / standing desk more in the office and in general, just feel like I have more energy and am more grounded.
  • I am wearing less makeup during the week, which is a time-saver, money-saver, and skin-saver! And hey, my husband says he prefers me with no makeup so it’s a win win!
  • There’s less laundry and dry cleaning since I’m only wearing business clothes out and about and less dry cleaning tops during the week. 
  • It’s a fun change of pace. I can’t say yet whether I’ll continue to be an “active wearer” 24/7, but this dressing interlude has refreshed my clothing creativity. I’m entering my closet in the morning feeling fun and flirty about the possibilities - neon yellow and purple Gaiam leggings or crisscross grey Fabletics today?

Let’s see where the spandex road takes us! I’m properly attired for the journey ahead!