New Year's Revelation!

Overwhelmed…. that is the most accurate word I can come up with to depict the kick-off to my 2017. Overwhelmed. I had a long laundry list of resolutions and goals, but after the 20 days of 2017 that I have had, I am thinking that surviving them is goal enough! Since the New Year rolled on through, I have dealt with finding black mold in our washing machine (as disgusting as it sounds); black mold in our rental unit (it’s already feeling eerily like the year of mold - a first time foe for us in any home!); a broken dryer that was apparently a huge fire hazard (important public service safety announcement: schedule your next dryer vent cleaning right now! Stop reading…go schedule. I’ll wait…..

Aaaand you’re back!); a duct work cleaning service that found mounds of drywall and metal shards in our pipes from a construction project (breathe in that clean ‘lead filled’ air); and most excitedly, a gas leak! We had two firetrucks with 12 strapping firemen beating down our door at around 4.30 am in the first week of the New Year to let us know that there’s a leak in the unit on the exterior of our home and our neighbors had called in the emergency. YIKES! Glad that got fixed before the New Year REALLY kicked-off with a bang! (Yes, the awful pun was intentional).

All of this coupled with work travel and programming stresses, international wedding planning, event planning and launching, and re-renting our condo has me a little….well… overwhelmed as I usher in the New Year!

“Pre-2017 me” would have been doing a nose dive into the closest tub of cookie dough right around now! I’ll admit it I was not the best at managing my stress and food always seemed to be my closest confidant in times of need, sometimes it still is! But newly-formed “2017 me” seems to know something that her former self missed out on. That little secret to stress success has been meditation. And when I say meditation, I don’t mean some guru-style, crossed-legged, posing hour-long trance, I mean meditation my way! Five minutes a day through an app I have downloaded on my phone and tried, with varying degrees of success, to make a habit. After many stops and starts in this learning journey, I have found the Buddify App to be particularly useful to my zen-lite approach to meditation! There are no awkward silences where I immediately start running down my grocery or to do lists; there are no slow waterfall sounds reminding me that I need to soak my delicates before attacking the mountains of laundry deposited throughout our little home; there is just someone speaking in a simple and direct tone asking me for a few minutes of my day to think about some tangible things in my everyday world. It’s easy. And honestly, I had myself convinced that I wasn’t getting anything out of it. How could I be? Something that quick and painless couldn’t at all be beneficial in the long run. But then 2017 happened and things surrounding my little world went all out of whack. And instead of reaching for the bread and cheese (I’m more of a savory foodie if I’m honest), I’m reaching for my little app. Just to give me a couple of minutes of deep breathing and to remind me how easy it is to push all the noise out of my mind and just be still for a little while. 

Try it and let us know how you feel! 

Cheers to you and bring on the New Year!