Fantastic Fall Flowers

As many of us learned growing up, there are the five great senses through which we perceive and interpret the world around us-  sight sound, touch, taste, and smell. For some, there are nine senses (adding to the above the senses of thermoperception, nociception, equilibrioception, and proprioception), while still other neuroscientists now note up to 21 senses! 

No matter the number of actual sensory receptors we have available to us, I think that our so-called “sixth sense” or gut, intuition, third eye, whatever you might know it as, is one that does not often get the attention it deserves. 

Yesterday was a very emotionally draining day for me. I began the day with an engaging and big-picture life and business conversation with a mentor of mine in the UK who guided and challenged me in the morning. She stretched my thinking to painfully new levels of awareness and forced me into some deep reflection that I had been actively avoiding for a quite a long time! It was wonderful and exhausting all at once. From there, my day continued to gain momentum toward more and more emotionally heavy and thought-provoking activities. By the time 6 p.m. in the evening rolled around, I was fit for some couch time and little else. 

As I always do when a day tries to get the better of me, I took the time to sip some chamomile tea, light a warming candle - one of the ones that sound like they are a real fire burning...Those fantastic Wickwood candles, they are just the best for those of us who don’t have the real deal of a fireplace in our homes!  And I just snuggled up next to my fiancé reading my kindle as he listened to the latest round of PEOTUS tweet debacles on CNN. I didn’t say I had had a good day or a bad day. In fact, on this particular day, I didn’t say much at all in the way of a daily recap. I was a receptive partner, as best as I always try to be, I laughed, engaged, and generally interacted as I feel I normally would, not sharing the emotional undercurrent of the day I had had…

Today, my fiancé walked in the door from work as he always does, but this time with a bouquet of fall flowers that bowled me over completely. I was truly touched. I asked him why I should be so lucky and he just looked at me kindly and said “I don’t really know. I just had a gut feeling today that you needed some flowers in your life so I stopped on the way home. Random Monday flowers I guess!”. 

Isn’t it interesting how someone can be so in-tuned to your way of being that even your attempts to act and be “normal” don’t ring true? Someone’s ability to know something without conscious reasoning or analysis is a magnificent capability that contributes to each and every one of our most human and humane instincts. 

I plan to enjoy the sights and smells of my gut-feeling fall flowers for as long as they last!