Welcome to our blog!

Look at me; I am a blogger!

I never thought I would see the day! In fact, until pretty recently, I wasn’t entirely sure what a blog was! I am writing this first blog post with a steaming cup of coffee (with frothy milk, just how I like it) and a giant bowl of fresh strawberries, grapes, and figs….delicious right?! I open with that because this blog of ours is going to be about mindfully being present in the moment and appreciating the little building blocks of life and that we have wonderful senses from which to explore. If you knew me at all, you would understand how utterly surprising those remarks are coming out of my mouth. I am someone whose mind is constantly operating at super speed – why, what if, what next, where to, how? I drive myself crazy, and in addition to the constant super-speed questioning, I find my mind operating often in the negative realm – I can’t, I’m afraid, I shouldn’t, why me, woe is me, I’m so fat, I’m so frustrated….you get the gist. Honestly, I have no reason to be like this, (and don’t get me wrong I am, generally speaking, a likable and outwardly happy person). I have a beautiful family, amazing friends, and a great career with no major life tragedies that I am dealing with. However, as I have learned through my research and reading, we humans are a tricky bunch built for survival and resilience (think back to hunter-gatherer days), so our brains are wired to jump to these negative spaces, and we need to train them to do otherwise. So here I am…let the training begin.

My sister, Lisa, and I are starting this blog with a goal to share our individual self-discovery journeys by sharing the mindful moments we are having, experiences we are appreciating, the information we are learning on the topics of happiness, mindfulness, and purpose. Lisa and I are very different, yet we have found something that we both find fascinating and are pursuing our dream of collaborating on something fun together.

We are making it our mission to find out our purpose in life; we want to share our stories, tips, and ideas with our readers and hopefully build a network of people who are also interested in finding out their purpose in life through a process of self-discovery using the five senses. We look forward to you joining us! Each post, we'll try to share some form of sensory experience. Here we go!

My sensory moment this week:  I bought my son, aged 4, and me a giant chocolate chip cookie to share. We sat down on the grass in the sun and decided we would play a game. We had to first “look” at the cookie and had to describe what we saw. I saw a big circle of dough dotted with melty chips, my son saw ‘chocolate’!. We then had to “smell” the cookie. I smelled a fresh warming baking smell, and he smelled ‘mmmmm yummy’!. “Hearing” the cookie proved a little more challenging so instead we talked about what we could hear around us. I heard the wind rustling the leaves, and my son heard kids laughing and playing. We then got to “touch” the cookie. I described it as soft, my son described it as ‘chocolatey’ because he dunked his finger straight into a chocolate chunk! Finally, finally we got to “taste” it. I just said “mmmm” but my son’s reaction was so great and this is where the whole experience just made it worthwhile, he said “mommy, this is the BEST cookie I ever had…EVER! We could have easily just opened that cookie in the car, split it and eaten it without thinking, but instead we had a cute moment together, a fun project for him and, you know what, he was right…..it was the BEST cookie!